Flea Market in Izmailovo

Delve into the local art, handicrafts and indigenous clothing of Moscow. And get a glimpse directly into the Russian culture. Spare a few hours or take an entire day off to give this gem of a market in Moscow.

The Vernisage art market is located in Izmailovo and it is the perfect place to purchase souvenirs. Whether you are looking for Russian knit-work and clothing or want to get one of the local pieces of art of paintings, this is the perfect place. The huge market requires some time to explore and our guide will take you to the best spots as well as some hidden treasure-troves of quality Russian crafts.

Art Market Tour

At the Vernisage market, you will find flea market products as well as classic products which reflect the diversity of Russian culture such as rugs from Central Asia and paintings done in the classic Russian style.

If you are looking to get some gifts from your loved ones from Russian or simply token souvenirs to remind you of your trip to Russia, this is the perfect place to get them. You will have plenty of options to choose from and at fairly affordable price tags.

While taking a walk through the huge market, you can also indulge your taste-buds with the local cuisine such as grilled kebabs. Alternatively, you can also explore the adjacent outdoor market and get small knick-kacks of daily usage at an incredible price.

The best place to visit the market Izmailovo is the weekend. At weekends, you can be sure that all the shops will be open and you will have plenty to explore.

You will also get to visit the famous Muzeon Park of Arts, which is a treasure-trove for art lovers. The park features open-air display of nearly 700 pieces of art and another 2000 in storage. The serene surroundings, the creative works at display and the vast expanse of the art is a must-see.

Finally, the world-famous Arbat Street is also on the itinerary of this trip. This kilometer-long pedestrian street is one of its kind and is home to a huge number of restaurants and cafes. You will get to indulge in the local cuisine while exploring countless souvenir and antiquie shops that dot this street.

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