Individual tours around Moscow & the Golden Ring

Get up-close with the famous and iconic place of Moscow accompanied by a personal guide and translator. Take a leisurely walking tour across Moscow’s major landmarks or rent a bike to bicycle across the city. You can also choose a driving tour and enjoy quick stops at these landmarks while enjoying the rest of the city from the comfort of your seat.

Moscow is home to a huge number of historical, cultural and social spots. Notable among these is the Kremlin, the seat of the President and home to numerous Royal Cathedrals as well as military museums. Located nearby, the Red Square is the iconic heart of Moscow. At one side of the Red Square is the famous Saint Basil Cathedral with its colorful and intricate onion domes.

On your tour, take a stroll around the pedestrian areas and treat yourself to the culinary delights of the local shops and cafes. Also located in the Red Square is GUM, the globally renowned luxury shopping mall with its intricate architecture.

If you wish to get away from the bustle of the city, it is time to start your classic Golden Ring Tour. The Golden Ring is a loop of ancient Russian towns which can’t be missed if you want to get a true glimpse of Russian history, architecture and countryside life. Visit historical churches and cathedrals along your trip and visit some of the most important structures of the Orthodox Church.

If you want to explore Moscow or start your Golden Ring. Your route can be as flexible as you want. You will receive a personal guide and an interpreter. Which will help you determine the landmarks, link their historical significance and take the famous places.

You will also have the option to choose from multiple transportation options.

Transportation options: Car, mini-van, mini-bus or bus (depending on the size of your group)

Basic Cost: Depends on your itinerary

Basic Cost covers: Travel by car with a personal driver and English-speaking guide and translator. I have a deep knowledge of the Second World War and the history of Russia

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