Kolomna Tour

Kolomna is one of the oldest Moscow towns with a rich history and cultural heritage. Located only a 100km from Moscow, Kolomna is the archetypal provincial town founded nearly 800 years ago. You can see the long history of town in the stunning historical structures and the overlapping layers of different historical eras visible in the local culture.

Excursion to Kolomna

KolomnaThe town is home to the Cathedral Square, an architectural marvel with stunning views of both the Moskva River and the Kolomenka River. You will also see the intricately carved wooden houses, towers and grand mansions, all done in the classic Russian Kremlin style.

Kolomna is also the perfect place to enjoy historical Russian culinary delights. You can find these in the unusual ‘Kolomna Marshmallow museum’ and the pastry museum, both located in the town. These museums present tasteful twists on historical Russian treats and offer mouthfuls of pure delight.

When visiting Kolomna, you will see many different eras of Russian history, well-preserved in architecture and different museums. The town is home to a convent established by the famous Ivan The Terrible as well as the Church of John the Baptist which dates all the way back to the 14th century. For a more recent glimpse of history, you can visit the Communal Flat Museum which describes the lifestyle of the Soviet era.

Kolomna is the perfect place to get a true glimpse of provincial history of Russia. From Kremlin constructions to historical buildings and from modern-day museums to a wide variety of titillating food options, Kolomna is endlessly intriguing and incredibly scenic.

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