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Moscow city walking tour


Places to visit:
1.Red Square, Downtown, GUM, Kremlin.
2.Moscow metro 4-5 beatiful stations.
3.WW2 park, Bow hill.


Product Description

During this tour we will see very heart of Moscow, we’ll stroll down the Alexander garden and Red Square, you will found out the history of ancient principality of Moscow and earlier Russian Empire. Moscow Kremlin, of course, is on our way.
St.Basil is number one must see among the Russian landmarks, beautiful architecture of Ivan the Terrible times 16 Century.
We will have quick walk throgh the State Department Store(GUM) and you may try local, world famous, ice-cream.
Moscow incredible, wonder underground, imperial palaces look like metro will give you perception about the first Communist State(USSR) its ideology, culture and nation.
We will end up our tour with the heartbreaking stories war memorial which is dedicated to Russian – Napoleon war in 1812 and Great Patriotic War as we call WW2 1941-1945 and WW1 as well.

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